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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Challenge of Boundaries

Most Massage Therapist find boundaries a challenge when dealing with clients, it is setting your boundaries and keeping them especially when you are starting out in the field of massage.
I have found that some clients  may want to become friends, they may want to ask you on a date. Clients may ask for your advice on things not related to their massage, ask you for favors, bring you things and want to do favors for you.They will become attached to you and have strong feelings for you.They will want you to set your schedule around theirs.
Sometimes trying to please a client and keep your boundaries intact isn't easy as you want to be nice and caring and help the client but you don't want them taking advantage of your feelings.  You are there to help the clients therapeutic needs the client comes to you for your expertise in the massage field, it is our responsibility  to supply them with a safe secure environment for the healing which they have sought through you. They come to us or we go to them for no other purpose than the service of healing with massage be it for relaxation, stress reduction, muscle pain etc.  

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