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Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Treat Those Pesky Trigger Points With Massage

 Trigger Points

Trigger points are small, taught muscle's that feel like hard lumps or knots. Trigger points 
are usually found in predictable places in the muscle and many times cause predictable 
patterns of referred pain.

Trigger points often intense pain when pressed, and sometimes referred pain is felt, according to the characteristic pattern for that trigger point.

A trigger point usually develops in the middle of a muscle. But since muscles are made up of 
many fibers, which can have different orientations, a trigger point can be found in multiple
places within a single muscle.

Trigger points are usually caused from a variety of reasons, most notably excessive use of the muscles, direct trauma, repetitive motion and prolonged muscle contractions.

Trigger points can be treated with Massage Therapy.

Massaging Trigger Points using the thumb, elbow, knuckles, or knees with short, slow strokes in one direction, applying deep pressure will deactivate the trigger point which in turn relieves the knotted muscle.

Massage therapy as body maintenance for overall health and wellness, taking care of the issues before they can cause more negative effects!!

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