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Thursday, August 30, 2018

Benefits of Massage

The benefits of a professional massage have been known in many cultures around the world, for generations. While many different massage techniques exist and are designed to target specific areas, and conditions, there are mutual benefits from every technique. Regular massages promote a natural healing process for various ailments, as well as for all around wellness.

When one realizes the absolute benefits to getting a regular professional massage, they may come to understand how beneficial a regular massage program can be, especially one that is specifically designed for each and every person.

·         Posture Improvement

It is important to understand that even though massage should not be used as a chiropractic diagnosis replacement, posture can naturally be improved when the muscles around the spine become more supple, as well as flexible. Naturally when the muscles around the spine improve, it is very beneficial to the spine as well. An improved posture also aids in reducing stress throughout the body, as well as aids in improved breathing.

·         Improved Breathing

Being able to breathe deeply, is crucial in ensuring oxygen circulates around the body.  This encourages healing, as well as growth. Any decrease in oxygen circulation can result in tension aches and pains, headaches, as well as random muscle pain. This can result in significant issues if let over a period of time. When the oxygen intake is enhanced, it naturally promotes the release of toxins and negative energy.

·         Circulation Improvement

Regular massage treatment improves both blood and lymph circulation. This assists in maximizing energy, and gaining body strength. During the colder months, circulation and metabolisms may be slower, so massage can assist removing toxins in the blood, whilst encouraging better circulation. This also helps with muscle recovery, growth, and also promotes the natural healing process.

·         Improves Skin Tone and Health

By the use of high-quality natural creams and oils, I can improve the tone and health of your skin. This can be extremely apparent even after just a few massage sessions. The skin cells are moisturized, revitalized, and replenished naturally.

·         Promotes and Increases Joint Flexibility

When joints are subjected to repetitive stress, or are overused, growth can be stunted resulting in issues later on.  Regular massage sessions can relieve stored tension as well encourage flexibility in the joints.

Some may not realize that there are also emotional, and psychological benefits as well.

·         Anxiety Reduction

A professional, and successful massage is a natural deep relaxant, which can significantly reduce anxiety. Normally, anxiety is stored in some of the key areas in the body; shoulders, abdomen, neck, and lower back. Relieving these areas of tension, the mind 'lets go' of anxiety, and the sufferer can experience a light, and almost freeing sensation.

·         Increases Peace of Mind

Once you are feeling relaxed, peace of mind is the natural result. A professional massage gives you a sense of calm, well-being, and an all around good feeling.

·         Enhances a Calm Mind

A professional massage encourages a calm mind.  A calm mind in turn, creates an avenue for creativity and it is during these times that minds are more productive in creative thinking, reducing stressful thoughts, focused on the positive and being able to focus. By relaxing the entire body, naturally the mind becomes much calmer.

·         Increased Self-Awareness

It is an unfortunate fact, that the mind-body connection can be easily overlooked in this fast-paced society. It seems that from the minute we wake up, until the moment we go to bed, we are in 'mind-only' mode.We are focused on finances, family, work, and various other things. Re-establishing the connection with the body, you will experience a greater ease in movement, an enhanced feeling of well-being, and be more centered.

·         Increase in Mental Alertness

I have discussed that a professional massage can take you to a deep relaxed state, however, this is also a state of heightened mental alertness. A relaxed and calm mind is more acutely aware while in this state, and more capable of solving tough issues.

Think of a regular professional massage as part of your health improvement plan. I am thoroughly trained in various massage techniques, and able to devise an individual massage program just for you. You can see even more information on my website 

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