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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Massage For Body Maintenance?

Relieving tight muscles with massage is an effective way to decrease pain and discomfort acquired by everyone on a daily basis.

Then why is it that many people choose to overlook massage therapy as an option for relief with regular massage as a good body maintenance? Some of the answers may be not knowing exactly what massage entails and trusting someone with your body.

If you have never had a massage, it is understandable how it you may have some of these concerns you may have with notions of modesty, knowledge about what massage entails and body image. Let’s ease those concerns so that you can employ the many benefits of massage therapy into your own life.

We can start with modesty and keeping within the bounds of proper conduct. Your therapist will allow you privacy to disrobe by leaving the room. You may keep your underwear on or not it is entirely up to you as you need to feel comfortable. Some people even wear a bathing suit or short shorts! There is no need to worry as you are fully covered by a sheet the entire time of the massage. “Draping” a technique used by using the sheet to maintain your sense of security and create a modest boundary between therapist and client. You can relax knowing that your safety and modesty are highly protected by the massage therapist. Knowledge of what the massage entails will help in maximizing your massage experience. As a first time client, your therapist will help by asking questions and allowing you to ask questions, letting you know where to put your things, what the massage will entail, and explain anything like breathing and relaxing during the massage.

Body image is another thing that seems to stop people from enjoying the benefits of a good massage experience. Massage is for everybody!! Every shape and every size. Professional massage therapists are aware of the many different body forms and functions, and work professionally to make you feel comfortable in receiving a massage.

So I encourage every one of you to experience a massage and get all those benefits a massage has for you!!

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