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Friday, February 16, 2018

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Muscle Memory
Muscle memory problems can contribute to everything from postural irregularities to chronic pain.
Your natural muscle memory can change from repetitive movements, long-term stress, surgeries and traumatic injuries. What usually happens is your muscles enter an altered state due to the trauma and then remember that altered state even though it’s not the normal resting or moving position.
Your muscles learn to return to the non-natural state and use that non-natural state as its natural state. This muscle memory can be a cause of pain, even long after the actual injury has presumably healed. With massage and stretching you can retrain the muscle memory to its natural state, but it does take time.
Just like when we learn something new it takes time to remember whatever it is we are learning. Take for instance when I learn a new massage technique like a certain stretch I have to continually remind myself as I am doing the stretch where I place each hand and which direction to stretch. After repetitively doing the stretch for my clients I find myself doing the stretch without having to remind myself which hand goes where and which direction to stretch. All that practice made me able to automatically do the stretch without thinking!
Same with your muscles! We retrain them with massage to go back to the natural state of being relaxed in the natural position. After continually relaxing the muscle and putting it back in its natural position after time it starts to automatically relax and stay in its natural state or position. Like the old saying goes Practice makes perfect.
At Blue Pacific Massage & Body Works I have a therapeutic massage package to help you with any chronic pain and help your muscle memory return to its natural state.
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Thursday, February 1, 2018

 Cannabis-Infused Massage 
Massage can be soothing for both body and the mind. A Professional Massage Therapist knows where exactly to start to relax and relieve the stressed muscles. People prefer and use different types of oils for massage because of the health benefits associated with each type of massage. What is more intriguing is that most people do not know that one of the best ways to uplift the health benefits of massage is to use cannabis infused massage oil.  
In states where cannabis is legalized, you can find Massage Therapists offering cannabis infused massage.  
Having that said, some of you might be thinking that cannabis massage will get you high but it won’t. It is simply because of the fact that this oil will not make it into the bloodstream, thus you don’t have to worry about that.  
Benefits of Cannabis Infused Massage Oil  
There are tons of amazing health benefits of cannabis infused massage oil. Some of them are: 
  • Anti-inflammatory Properties – Getting a massage from a professional practitioner can be soothing because of the anti-inflammatory properties. It reduces the pain and inflammation in the muscles.  
  • Senses are relaxed – Using cannabis infused oil for a massage will stimulate your skin and senses just like getting your skin high.  
  • Makes the Skin Healthier – A cannabis infused oil contains fatty acids and other healthy compounds that can nourish and strengthen the skin. It leaves a glowing effect to the skin and makes it lighter in tone.  
  • Muscles Relaxation – Cannabis infused oil massage can stimulate the skin which helps the muscles to relax. This eases pain and tension in the muscles and is an excellent way to decompress at the end of the day.  

These are some of the best benefits of using cannabis infused oil for a massage. All these properties combine to create a unique companion for a massage. The health benefits of this massage oil are not limited to the person getting the massage only. The practitioner also gets to enjoy these benefits through their hands. The job of a massage practitioner is very demanding and hectic. The use of cannabis infused oil in massage will also help them stay active and energetic.  
You can also mix it with other essential oils to make it healthier for the skin. The use of this oil is not harmful to the skin in any way and does not possess any side effects as well.  
What you should make sure that the use of cannabis is legal in your state and you have a license to use cannabis. Having met these two requirements, you are ready to experience an all different massage that will boost your emotions, relax your muscles, give peace to your mind and soul and make you feel better.
 I encourage every one of you to experience a massage and get all those benefits a massage has for you!!

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