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Friday, June 7, 2013

Massage Therapy Compliments Chiropractic Therapy

Massage Therapy & Chiropractic Therapy

While most people associate massage therapists as just those who make you feel good, they can do so much more than that.  A lot of people will attend chiropractors, who are medical professionals, to deal with back, neck, and spine problems. They may need readjusting, and bones put back into place. They are extremely beneficial for many people, however, they do not necessarily deal with knots, and muscular issues.

While it is certainly true that Chiropractors are in fact doctors, with a formal education, massage therapists such as Blue PacificMassage & Body Works are trained in other aspects of the healing of the body.  It is not uncommon for those receiving chiropractic therapy, to also seek out a massage therapist to help assist with the muscular, and tendon issues. If the client informs me, as they should, about any chiropractic treatment they are receiving, I can easily work the massage with that treatment, and focus on helping maintain the work the chiropractor has done.

A professional massage therapist will never attempt to take the place of a Chiropractor they will just be qualified, and trained to enhance the treatment already received.  No method or technique I use, will ever “un-do” the treatment you've received from a Chiropractor.  I will always question clients on what treatment they are receiving, where, and why, so I can devise a massage plan to work in with the existing treatment.

Many can feel pain following a chiropractic treatment, and this is where a trained, qualified massage therapist can help. By aiding with the aches, and pains, the muscles will assist in keeping the chiropractic adjustment stick.  I am quite able to assist not only before or after chiropractic visits, but with any injury, or muscular issue you are experiencing.

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