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Thursday, November 29, 2018

On- Site Chair Massage

On- Site Chair Massage

There is so much that can be shared about massage and its benefits I thought today I would share the benefits of chair massage at work or mainly known as On-Site Chair Massage for the office or workplace which has become more and more popular today.

It's easy, fast and fairly inexpensive, giving chair massages helps to relax and rejuvenate your employees and lets them enjoy the healing power of massage. Chair massage helps relieve many of the problems associated with repetitive movement.

Many scientific studies show the benefits of chair massage as well as benefits to your business. Employee Benefits: Decrease in Stress, Boost to Immune System, Improve Circulation, Lower Blood Pressure, , Relieves Headache, Reduces Muscle tension , Improves Thinking, Enhances Flexibility, Promotes a sense of well-being.
Employer Benefits: Increase Productivity, Lower Workplace Stress Levels, Decrease Absenteeism, Improve Retention Rates, Less Ergonomics Related InjuriesPromotes a revitalized and healthier workforce.

Chair Massage is focused on the upper and lower lack, neck, shoulders, arms and hands. There are different methods for giving a chair massage yet most commonly it is usually done using an Ergonomically designed chair which is what I use, it is also done through the clothes & no oil. Time is usually 10-20 minutes. Depending on your therapist there are different Massage Techniques used such as Swedish (PetrissageTapotement, Vibration, ect.), Deep Tissue, Acupressure. Some incorporate the use of different stretching techniques so its usually what the Massage Therapist decides to put in the mix.

Highly recommended for you Business owners show your employees you appreciate them by adding a monthly, or by-monthly chair massage.

Blue Pacific Massage & Body Works is your best resource for massage therapy in the High Desert, Ca. Serving Victorville, Hesperia, Apple Valley, Oak Hills & surrounding areas.
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Blue Pacific Massage & Body works offers On-Site Chair Massage

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Blue Pacific Massage & Body Works Massage Menu

Here at Blue Pacific Massage I have a menu for my clients so they can choose what they would like before their mobile massage or coming to see me. This ensures I have a plan or routine worked out before hand. Below are a few examples of whats on the menu at  Blue Pacific Massage & Body Works.........

Blue Pacific Massage, takes care to provide customers high quality services personalized for their unique needs.  Call or Text 760 680 7910. Blue Pacific Massage is professional, courteous and efficient.

Blue Pacific's Full Body Massage
Choose the 60 minutes or 90 minutes The Full Body Massage includes the upper and lower back, neck, shoulders, arms, hands, legs, feet .Front and Back. This Full Body Massage is a Swedish Massage combined with Deep Tissue (if needed) Shiatsu, Reflexology, Trigger Points and a few stretching Techniques.
This refreshing massage relieves stress and tension aches for pure relaxation.

Blue Pacific's Therapeutic Massage
Therapeutic Massage incorporates many techniques to address chronic muscle and skeletal issues this is done with a minimum of two 30 minute sessions a week for a minimum of 10 to 12 weeks. Focusing on the primary area in need.

Blue Pacific's One Hour Massage
​This is mainly Swedish Massage using some of the five styles of long flowing strokes. The five basic strokes are effleurage (sliding or gliding), petrissage (kneading), tapotement (rhythmic tapping), friction (cross fiber) and vibration/shaking.
Modalities also available include deep tissue, trigger point therapy, reflexology, acupressure, shiatsu,

Blue Pacific's Hot Stone Massage
Massage Techniques used during hot stone massage include massaging or stroking the body with a heated stone which warms and relaxes the muscles, the warmth of the hot stones help to improve circulation and calm the nervous system, it also helps relieve muscle tension and allow the body to relax and be at ease. The use of stones for healing purposes dates back thousands of years.
Choose the 60 minute or 90 minute.

Manual Lymph Drainage Massage
​Manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) is a type of gentle massage which is intended to encourage the natural circulation of the lymph through the body. Any massage is supposed to provide relaxation and make the muscles work more efficiently. Lymphatic massage is no different. A Manual Lymph Drainage Massage is a procedure that helps the lymph system work more efficiently. When it is done following a surgery, the treated or operated area is given special attention and care to speed up the recovery process and get positive results.
                     Also Available From Blue Pacific Massage & Body Works
Pre Natal Massage    *** Stretching Techniques *** Deep Tissue *** On-Site Chair Massage

Treat yourself today, with a professional massage from
Blue Pacific Massage and Body Works.  You deserve it!
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Saturday, November 3, 2018

Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage Explained

Most of us have heard the term “Swedish Massage,” but probably most do not know it's origin, or how beneficial it can actually be. Swedish physiologist, Per Henrik Ling, pioneered both Swedish massage, and physical therapy at the University of Stockholm in the early 19th century. Ling developed a system called “Medical Gymnastics” which incorporated movements performed by a professional therapist. This technique was brought to the United States in 1858, and is known as Swedish massage.

Swedish massage is now the most common and probably best known massage technique in the west. But how exactly can it benefit you?  Swedish massage involves the massage therapist using certain massage strokes to relieve muscle pain. Depending on your own individual needs, a professionally trained Swedish massage therapist, can either use slow and gentle techniques, or vigorous, and bracing.  A professionally trained Swedish massage therapist will first work to relax the muscles, and prepare them for deeper strokes or  “deep tissue” therapy.   Normally an experienced Swedish massage therapist will require about 50 to 60 minutes of your time to ensure you get the most benefit from this technique.

Blue Pacific Massage and Body Works, is a professional massage therapy business located in Hesperia, California.  Owner/operator Terree Nelson, is a highly qualified, and trained CMT, certified massage therapist. Trained in a wide variety of massage modalities, and techniques, Terree's focus is on the wellness, and health of her clients.  A professional Swedish massage therapist, among many other styles, Terree explains the entire process to each and every client, and takes the time to find every area that requires work.

Keeping to the correct Swedish massage technique, Terree first lubricates the skin with massage oil, and performs a variety of massage strokes to warm up the muscle tissue, release tension, and gradually break up any muscle “knots.” Among the many benefits of Swedish massage, this technique also promotes relaxation.  It is always highly advised to inform Terree of any injuries, or conditions you are suffering. Unlike many other massage therapists, Terree communicates throughout the massage, to ensure you are completely comfortable, and to discuss any degree of discomfort you may be feeling.

If you are someone who requires deeper massage work, and can tolerate more pressure, and even moments of discomfort to get relief from muscle pain, then there are many techniques that can be done.

Call or Text (760) 680 7910 to arrange an appointment, and to also discuss your specific needs. Terree can even design a personalized massage, and wellness program, just for you.

Treat yourself today, with a professional massage from 

Serving the High Desert Area
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Friday, November 2, 2018

Massage for Neck Pain

               Are You Suffering Neck Pain?

Every one of us has experienced neck pain at one time or another.  It could be that you have an injury, a medical condition, or may have even slept the wrong way.  Regardless of the reason, neck pain and neck related pain, is never much fun to deal with, and can severely limit our day to day activities.  What you really need to do, is seek out a professional massage therapist, Hesperia, CA.

In the United States, neck pain is one of the most common health problems.  Usually, people will see their medical practitioner, and some will sometimes turn to alternative medical therapies, such as massage, for assistance.  Up until recently, little was known about the effectiveness of message therapy with neck pain, even though massage techniques have been used for centuries in many cultures.

A study was recently conducted at the Group Health Center in Seattle, with 64 sufferers of neck pain.  This study was NCCAM-funded.  Participants in the study had to have had neck pain persisting for at least 12 weeks to qualify, and were then randomly assigned to receive either massage treatments, or a self-care book.

The group assigned to receive massages, had up to 10 treatments over a 10 week period,which was provided by licensed, professional massage therapists.  A variety of massage techniques were used, as well as giving patients self help tips.  After the 10 weeks, this group was found to have had significant improvements in both function, and symptoms. After continuing the study for 26 weeks, the massage group again reported improvements in function, as well as symptoms, however, the self-care book group, had a medication use increase of up to 14%. There were no serious adverse experiences reported.

The conclusion of this study showed that not only is therapeutic massage safe, but has long term benefits for treating chronic neck pain, as well as in the short term.  Many cultures have known about the benefits of therapeutic massage for centuries, and many are now turning to professional massage therapists as part of their wellness programs.

If you are experiencing chronic neck pain, call or Text (760) 680 7910.Owner/operator Terree Nelson, at Blue Pacific Massage & Body Works is a fully qualified, professional massage therapist, who is highly trained in a variety of professional massage modalities!

Serving the High Desert Area
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Thursday, November 1, 2018

I am a firm believer in Neuromuscular Therapy

Neuromuscular Therapy

 Neuromuscular Therapy is a scientifically based technique of massage therapy. Using soft tissue manipulation by utilizing static pressure, the same level of intensity is held for a certain amount of time on a taut muscle or point. Keeping the pressure anywhere from 10 to 40 seconds usually until you get the taut muscle to release, sometimes this release can take longer so patience and good communication is a plus when using Neuromuscular Therapy. Your therapist will use a pain scale and instruct you on using breathing techniques to help in getting that tense or knotted muscle to release. This helps to re-balance the function of the nervous system and the skeletal system.

When a chain reaction begins say a stressed or over worked muscle you get what is known as vasoconstriction Thinning of the blood then with the thinning of the blood vessels in the affected area limited blood flow can cause muscle tissue to tighten. When muscle tissue becomes tight or hypertonic, toxins such as Pyruvic acids, Hyaluronic acids and Lactic acids get trapped, these acids cause pain as they are natural neuro-exciters, which cause increased nerve sensitivity which can cause muscle tissue to press nerves against bone also known as muscle compression which can cause a lot of pain. When in pain your body functions in different ways to compensate which can also lead to Postural Distortion and Biomechanical Dysfunction!! Myofascial Trigger Points may also become affected, which redirects pain from one part of the body to another. Thus your chain reaction if not taken care of from the onset. 

Many times a client calls and is in such pain they really need help, I am a firm believer in Neuromuscular Therapy as it is very effective and has helped many clients get relief from their pain!! Neuromuscular Therapy helps loosen tight or tense muscles (hypertonic muscles) which restores circulation which then breaks the chain reaction and relieves the client’s pain.

Massage therapy as body maintenance for overall health and wellness helps to stop the chain reaction by taking care of the issues before they can cause more of the negative effects!!

Be sure and call or text Blue Pacific Massage & Body Works 760 680 7910 before your chain reaction begins….

Located in Hesperia, CA. 92345 and serving the surrounding areas including Victorville, Oak Hills, Apple Valley, Phelan and more..... For more information relating to my massage services, you can visit my website, or even visit my Facebook page.