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Monday, October 29, 2018

Benefits of Lymphatic Massage

Benefits of Manual Lymph Drainage Massage (MLD) after Surgeries


Any massage is supposed to provide relaxation and make the muscles work more efficiently. Lymphatic massage is no different. A Manual Lymph Drainage Massage (MLD) is a procedure that helps the lymph system work more efficiently. When it is done following a surgery, the treated or operated area is given special attention and care to speed up the recovery process and get positive results.

Benefits of Lymphatic Massage

Lymphatic massage comes with many benefits. Some of them are discussed here.

Reduces Swelling

After a surgery such as liposuction, tummy tucks or other cosmetic surgeries, the treated may swell.  Lymphatic Massage helps in reducing the swelling more quickly while speeding up the recovery process.

Toxins are Flushed

When it comes to cosmetic surgeries or liposuction, the body gets a lot of toxins. If they are not flushed or removed, they can cause damage. Lymphatic Massage promotes flushing of toxins and maximizes the chances of the area to not become infected.

Improves Circulation of Blood

Lymphatic Massage promotes the circulation of blood in the treated areas. There may be some cases where the circulation of blood is affected. With the help of Lymphatic Massage, blood circulation as well as the circulation of lymphatic fluid is improved. During Lymphatic Massage, an experienced and professional massage therapist gently manipulates the skin and underlying tissues in the areas of lymph production to increase circulation and promote drainage and healing. It is a very light touch and very relaxing.

Enhances Healing Process

Lymphatic Massage enhances the healing process and makes the patient recover from the surgeries more quickly than naturally. With the involvement of different procedures, the muscles are relaxed which help recover and heal quickly. It also stimulates the healing of wounds.

Reduces Discomfort and Irritation

Procedures like tummy tucks, liposuction and cosmetic surgeries can be very painful and distressing. Post surgeries, the patient may find themselves in serious discomfort. Lymphatic Massage reduces discomfort and eliminates irritation making the patient relax.
These are some of the best benefits of Lymphatic Massage post surgeries, if you want to help reduce the pain and discomfort and recover more quickly, it is advisable to consult a Lymphatic Massage Therapist. You will feel much more relaxed and will also heal quicker. You will also get to see the desired results more quickly than expected because of the reduction in swelling.

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Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Shiatsu or “finger pressure” massage

Shiatsu or “finger pressure” massage is a Japanese form of massage. It is often described as basically being the same as acupressure, but this is not really the case here, Shiatsu massage techniques go beyond using the specific pressure points. By integrating other methods such as, breathing techniques, stretching and body movement with your massage experience we get more of the whole-body approach to restoring energy balance. Although many of the claimed benefits have not been scientifically proven, advocates seem to believe that it can work to treat many different problems. Shiatsu is considered to be generally safe, with its roots going back thousands of years, this technique is growing in popularity around the world today!!

The main reasoning of the shiatsu massage is that chi or qu (energy) flows through channels or meridians of the body. When the energy flows freely, chi puts in positive energy while taking out negative energy, yin and yang!!! Shiatsu helps us to be more physically, emotionally and spiritually healthy. When chi is slowed or blocked it can cause problems in wellness such as sleeplessness, indigestion, swollen joints, headaches, depression, muscle tension, taut muscles knots and so on. By using Shiatsu massage to manipulate pressure points along specific meridians and relaxing the body, we get chi (energy) back in balance and flowing freely through the channels or meridians therefore, treating numerous health problems.

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