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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Gentle Yet Effective Massage

I wanted to share this article "Gentle Yet Effective Massage"
Being a massage therapist I meet a lot of people and I am very proud and grateful when some one does something so nice as to show how much they like my massage and writing an article for me really took me by surprise as this was totally unexpected. So Thank you for your kindness !!
I take great care with my clients and try to listen to their needs and at the same time I let them know my thoughts on certain massage techniques, at times clients listen and more times than not they leave very satisfied with my massage, Although I do listen and if they want it their way that's what they get as I am here to make you feel good and arguing about how a massage should be done only takes away from being able to relax and it seems to put a negative energy in the air around us. I want you to reap the benefits of massage and being able to relax and enjoy is a big part of massage. I think this article tells a good story of how I work and one of my most popular "The Blue Pacific Full Body Massage" Is truly a wonderful massage.
Blue Pacific Massage and Body Works is located in the High Desert area Victorville CA, Hesperia CA,  Oak Hills CA, Apple Valley CA, Lucerne Valley CA, and other surrounding areas offering in call and out call massage.