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Saturday, February 10, 2018

Muscle Memory
Muscle memory problems can contribute to everything from postural irregularities to chronic pain.
Your natural muscle memory can change from repetitive movements, long-term stress, surgeries and traumatic injuries. What usually happens is your muscles enter an altered state due to the trauma and then remember that altered state even though it’s not the normal resting or moving position.
Your muscles learn to return to the non-natural state and use that non-natural state as its natural state. This muscle memory can be a cause of pain, even long after the actual injury has presumably healed. With massage and stretching you can retrain the muscle memory to its natural state, but it does take time.
Just like when we learn something new it takes time to remember whatever it is we are learning. Take for instance when I learn a new massage technique like a certain stretch I have to continually remind myself as I am doing the stretch where I place each hand and which direction to stretch. After repetitively doing the stretch for my clients I find myself doing the stretch without having to remind myself which hand goes where and which direction to stretch. All that practice made me able to automatically do the stretch without thinking!
Same with your muscles! We retrain them with massage to go back to the natural state of being relaxed in the natural position. After continually relaxing the muscle and putting it back in its natural position after time it starts to automatically relax and stay in its natural state or position. Like the old saying goes Practice makes perfect.
At Blue Pacific Massage & Body Works I have a therapeutic massage package to help you with any chronic pain and help your muscle memory return to its natural state.
I am a professional certified massage therapist dedicated to helping clients feel better with massage. Call or Text 760 680 7910 for your appointment or book online at Massage Book ...


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    1. Thank You! Muscle Memory plays a big role in our everyday life...