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Monday, May 7, 2018

Massage and Healing

Massage is a healing art which requires a combination of academic knowledge along with clinical skills, sensitivity, awareness and manual dexterity. Nearly everyone has the natural feel for giving a massage, yet it takes a genuine desire to help others, with a commitment to the time, energy, and focus necessary for being a good solid Massage Therapist.

All the information Professional Massage Therapists learn in the Anatomy and Physiology course to become a licensed Massage Therapist help to better understand how the bones, muscles and other systems of the body work and integrate with each other. It is an important course and when properly applied to massage therapy it can greatly increase the effectiveness of a massage.

Getting a massage from a licensed Massage Therapist who can tell you about the muscle tensions they've just worked on, why there might be tension there, and what exercises would help to address the buildup of this tension is more beneficial to you the client.Trained massage therapists, have to become certified, and take many courses in order to be qualified. They also are required to spend a certain amount of hours performing the actual massage with a licensed massage therapist's guidance before they become certified.

The field of massage therapy is growing rapidly in response to the public’s expanding interest in forms of healthcare that promote well-being and a higher quality of life.

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