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Friday, July 15, 2016

Get the "Fuzz" out with Massage....

In my most popular massage which is Blue Pacific's Full Body Massage  I integrate stretches as stretching is very important for getting the fuzz out....... What is that you ask well its explained here in this Video . I do a lot of research and through that research I found this video and wanted to share it.

As explained in the video when we are immobile or asleep the interfaces of our muscles grow a type of "fuzz" between the sliding surfaces of your musculature and when we stretch.......that fuzz melts away. The fuzz is a thin layer of fine loose filmy fiber often found between superficial fascia and deep fascia. When you get a build up of this fuzz it causes a stiffness and if we get too much build up of the "fuzz" we get thicker fibers forming which inhibits movement and reduces range of motion. This is one of the reasons I always put some stretches into my massage not only is it getting rid of that fuzz it also feels great !!

The many benefits from stretching the muscles, tendons and cartilage are that the stretch lengthens muscle fibers that have contracted from disuse or excessive use and helps restore muscle flexibility, assists in removal of natural wastes like lactic acid from muscles it also helps increases flexibility, restores muscle balance and warms the muscles. Stretching also relieves stress and tension, reduces inflammation in joints and improves posture.

Your Certified Massage Therapist at Blue Pacific Massage & Body Works is dedicated to giving quality massage for your overall health and well being. Be sure to book your massage today and keep your body maintained. Massage works and feels good too !

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  5. This is very informative. I haven't heard of this "fuzz" before. As a participator in yoga, I’ve found how much nicer my body feels after doing the breathing exercises and stretching out my limbs in a variety of poses. When you’re given an education on why a sedentary lifestyle is harmful to your health it's easier to take proper care of your body.

    William Connors @ The Healing Station

    1. Thank you William Connors for your comment! Yes Yoga is a very good way of getting the Fuzz out as is massage, stretching and exercise!