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Friday, January 18, 2019

Massage For Tension Headaches

Are Tension Headaches Affecting Your Life?

We've all experienced that horrible headache, caused by stress and tension. They can stop us from being able to focus properly, can inhibit our performance at work, as well as stop any chance to relax. This in turn stops the body from being able to recharge the batteries, and the cycle continues. Seeking the assistance of a qualified, professional massage therapist just may be the answer!

A lot of people have heard the term “tension headache,” but may not exactly understand what it is. Basically, a tension headache is caused by stress, and exacerbated by dehydration. Pain seems to occur at the top, and/or sides of the head, and sometimes can also include pain behind the eyes, and stiff neck and shoulders. These can go on for days on end if steps aren't taken to fix the issue.

Blue Pacific Massage & Body Works is a professional massage therapy business, located in Hesperia, California. Owner/operator Terree Nelson, is highly qualified and experienced in a large variety of massage therapy methods, and techniques. Tension headaches often originate from a painful neck and shoulders. These are caused by stress, and even a bad posture, which can spread up to the muscles around the skull. Not many people are actually aware that there are muscles around the skull.

When we are experiencing this kind of headache, many people unknowingly add to it by clenching their jaw.  We can tend to do this in our sleep, without even realizing it.  This is also not good for the teeth. This tightens the muscles around the skull even further, resulting in constant headaches. So now we know what causes these headaches, how can Blue Pacific Massage & Body Works help?

Terree can effectively ease and soften the muscles around the sides of the head, temples, and where the neck meets the skull. Research has shown that chronic tension headaches can indeed be treated efficiently by a professional massage therapist.  An experienced massage therapist from Blue Pacific Massage & Body Works can also advise on exercises you can do yourself at home, or in the office, to help ease the muscle tension.

If you are one of the many sufferers of tension headaches, get a massage for tension headaches just Call or Text 760 680 7910 for your appointment!!

Blue Pacific Massage & Body Works is serving the High Desert CA Hesperia, Victorville,Apple Valley, Phelan, Oak Hills, and surrounding areas..

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