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Friday, June 7, 2019

Lower Back Pain

Professional Massage Therapy & Lower Back Pain

Most people have experienced lower back pain.  It is in fact, a very common complaint among many people, especially those who have been employed in physically challenging professions, athletes, as well as accident victims.  Recent studies have found that a professional massage therapy is one of the more effective, and money saving alternatives available, and more beneficial than traditional medical treatments.  Seeking the assistance of a professional massage therapist, Hesperia, CA, is the most beneficial treatment you will find!

Chronic lower back pain is among the top reasons patients see doctors, and alternative medicine practitioners.  Dr. Daniel Cherkin, Director of the Group Health Research Institute states that lower back pain is also a common cause of disability, work absenteeism, and 'presenteeism,' when people are unable to perform well at work.   A study involving 401 patients with ages ranging between 20, to 65 years, found some amazing results when these people were treated with massage therapy.
The study compared the effectiveness of structural massage, versus usual medical care, medication, and physical therapy.  Patients were randomly assigned to receive one of three treatments as follows:

· Group 1 – Full body relaxation massage, often called Swedish massage
· Group 2 – Focused deep tissue massage for pain related tissues, ligaments, and joints.
· Group 3 – Painkillers, anti inflammatory drugs, muscle relaxants, or physical therapy.

Groups 1 & 2 were given a one hour massage, once a week for 10 weeks.

After 10 weeks, the patients were surveyed again in relation to their symptoms, and mobility, and again assessed at 6 months, and again at 12 months.

Groups 1 & 2 reported that their lower back pain had improved significantly, or was completely gone altogether.  It was found that patients who received massage therapy, were twice as likely to see improvements in pain, and function, as those receiving usual medical treatment, as with Group 3.

After 10 weeks, approximately two-thirds of groups 1 & 2, had made substantial improvement as opposed to about one-third of those in the usual care group.   These results quite literally speak for themselves.

Even though studies in the past have somewhat concentrated on the benefits of deep tissue massage, this study has also proven that relaxation massage, also has incredible benefits.  There are two main reasons for this, relaxation massage is more widely available, and more affordable than a lot of traditional medical treatments, and medications.

If you are suffering with lower back pain, and want easily accessible, and affordable assistance, speak to Terree a Certified Massage Therapist of Blue Pacific Massage and Body Works.

Terree is a fully qualified, trained professional in a wide variety of professional massage techniques.  
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