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Monday, February 3, 2020

Alternative, Holistic or Complimentary Medicine

                                  Alternative, Holistic or Complimentary Medicine

The Popularity of Massage and other Alternative Medicine has steadily increased.  More than 50% of all Americans used some form of Alternative therapy, there is an estimated 629 million visits to Alternative practitioners compared with 386 million visits to primary care Physicians.
Massage  known as Alternative Medicine, Holistic Medicine and or Complementary Medicine.
Alternative Medicine, a term that implies using services other than those usually accepted by allopathic physicians. Many people seek the use of alternative practices to go along with the services of conventional physicians.
Complimentary Medicine, the term which implies that the alternative practices can work together with more conventional medicine for the benefit of clients, and seems to have taken the place of alternative medicine along with the change in attitude of "becoming more socially acceptable" and  "more accepted by the medical community."
Holistic means to look at the whole picture. All things affecting the health of the individual including spiritual, physical, mental, emotional, social and environmental. The Holistic approach includes the participation of the client where diet , imagery, positive thinking and meditation all help in the healing process. 
It never seems to amaze me the difference when integrating massage into a persons life the benefits  and the overall healthy feeling that comes with massage. I see many clients experience a more lifting energetic,yet at the same time a more relaxed attitude towards everyday life. 
I experience proof of the effects of massage just by seeing the difference I have made for that person who came to me looking for one thing or another be it pain relief or finding a relaxed state of being and knowing I made that difference is one of the most rewarding feelings I know.

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